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    1. Help Center

      Find answers to your questions, get helpful tips, learn how to get the most out of your account, and more.

      How to sell ?

      How to sell on Bossgoo.com ?


      The premier China based global trade platform, connecting China suppliers with buyers. Learn how to sell on Bossgoo.com, these 4 easy steps will help you start.

      1. Join Free

      Register as a Supplier to start selling and connecting with buyers.

      • Free to Join
      • Promote your products to buyers worldwide
      • Our Online Showroom allows you to list products free, Register here

      2. Add Company Profile

      After you register, complete your Company Profile

      • Complete your Company Profile in the Account Center
      • More company information means more credibility with buyers
      • Your Company Profile is visible to all Manufacturer.com members and is linked to your product listings
      • Submit a detailed company description that highlights company strengths, products, production capabilities, turn times,certifications and your mission statement.

      3. Add Your Products

      Once your Company Profile is completed,add your products

      • As a free member, you can add more than 100 Products to your online showroom
      • Be sure to use quality images of your products
      • Write complete product descriptions with full details including pricing

      For unlimited product listings, maximum exposure,SEO Service and more buyer inquiries get our Premium Membership

      4. Contact With Buyers

      Checking Your Buyer Inquiries

      • Buyer inquiries are center to your Message Center
      • Log-in to your Message Center to read and respond to buyer inquiries
      • The buyer will be notified via email once you have replied to their inquiry
      • Include your contact details in your response so the buyer may choose to contact you directly