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    1. Help Center

      Find answers to your questions, get helpful tips, learn how to get the most out of your account, and more.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why don't I get a response from suppliers ?

      There can be numerous reasons for the same as mentioned below:

      • Supplier’s number has been changed.
      • Supplier hasn’t checked your mail yet or he might have received your mail in his spam box.
      • Supplier may be unavailable due to any of his personal reasons.

      As Bossgoo.com is a marketplace for buyers and suppliers, we are unable to provide any further support if you still do not get a response to your inquiry from the supplier. You can try contacting alternative suppliers that provide similar products, or you can Post a Buying Request so that suppliers can contact you directly.

      Can Bossgoo assist me if I am unable to search the right supplier ?

      Yes, Bossgoo can assist in searching the right suppliers for you in the following ways:

      What if I am not getting relevant Suppliers ?

      You can contact our Buyers Help Center at: buyershelp@bossgoo.com or call at +86-574-87916308

      What can I do if I have paid a supplier but haven't received the products ?

      Buying goods from suppliers is always risky, more so if the company you are transacting with is based overseas. Once you place an order and the order has been verified, legitimate suppliers will give you a tracking number for your order and an estimated time of arrival. If the goods have not arrived by the promised date, call or email your contact person to ask about the status. Might be there had been a problem with shipping or any other legitimate cause for delay.

      Now if you can no longer get hold of the company or your contact person after you have sent payment, then you have most likely been scammed – hopefully, not for a very huge amount. The only thing that can be done is to file a complaint with a national trading body where the company you transacted with is based. Online scammers are hard to catch (which is why there are so many!) so interested buyers are advised to exercise due diligence before making an online purchase.

      You can also go to online wholesale forums and share your experience to help other buyers avoid the same trap and educate them through what you have experience.

      Prevention is still the best way to avoid being scammed. Using PayPal, escrow payment systems, or credit cards to pay for goods offers some level of protection to online buyers. In the case of suppliers located overseas, there might be a reason why they would insist on wire transfers such as strict government policies, etc. Order a small quantity the first time to reduce your losses in case the supplier can be trusted.

      How to post a Buying Request ?

      To post Buying Request, please take the following steps:

      • 1) Go to the Bossgoo home page http://www.cdffgd.tw and sign in with your member account.
      • 2) Click "Post Buying Request" beside the search bar
      • 3) Complete the form and click "Submit" to update